Research and Publications

STaR is committed to evidence-based practice in the education of young children with disabilities and special learning needs and in the support of their families and educators.

The basic philosophy and strategies of the STaR Childcare Placement and Support Program, including our SchoolSTaRT program, were developed from a 10-year research project undertaken at the Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC).

We continue to incorporate emerging evidence-based practices into our programs and we conduct our own research, usually in collaboration with MUSEC academics.

Articles of Interest

Margaret Meaker takes an unexpected ride from working in disability services to being a recipient of such assistance.
Navigating The System

Playgroup NSW profiled STaR’s support to children with developmental differences and their families. Chance to STaR

Kerry Hodge writes about the importance of identifying giftedness early, even when it is not so obvious. The Intellect Effect