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Results: STaR support  children with disabilities all the way into school

Support our children to get Ready for School

What STaR centres say

“The support that both of our services receive from STaR is invaluable. They support us in all areas of inclusion; including individual leaning plans (for the children), setting up goals with families, setting up family meetings, providing necessary visuals and mentoring for the educator.”

“We have seen steady improvement in our children, including major breakthroughs in some areas, thanks to the support provided by STaR. The children have come along in leaps and bounds. Their development has impressed both the families and the staff.”

“The support provided by STaR has helped our centre to have a really positive atmosphere where children with additional needs are supported in their growth and development and staff are also supported in their own growth and professional development.”

Results: I can rely on STaR for support and guidance

Relying on STaR

What STaR parents say

“Marg’s stories, Lili’s stories made me believe I can actually think of my daughter’s future, a subject I would completely block my brain on. Marg and Megan’s passion and positivity were much needed. I can’t thank them enough. I was that same parent who thought I’d never let (my daughter) out of my sight and protect her from this horrible world, not have more children or work, just focus on her, and now I leave her everywhere, day care to friends’ places for play dates to family, you name it. The real world is actually very accepting and inclusion is the best therapy for (my daughter) at the moment. All thanks to STaR. I can honestly go on and on.”

STaR parent 2018-2019

Results: Show us how to best help our beautiful boy

Lifting the helplessness and frustration

What STaR parents say

“My son Harry has enjoyed going to Top Ryde Early Learning Centre for two years. This has been made possible with the help of STaR who give Harry’s educators training and extra assistance for him to be at the centre. We have agreed goals for Harry and meet regularly to chat about his progress. I am continually amazed when Harry learns new skills such as using visuals to make requests. STaR have included Harry in an iPad and shared book reading study. This has helped Harry by increasing the amount of time he can spend on an activity.
One of my favourite things is picking Harry up at daycare, to see his bright face and big smile when he takes my hand. He has enjoyed his day and we are on our way home. STaR has helped create many opportunities for Harry and is always there for us as a family. We are very grateful for their continued support.”

STaR parent 2012-2014

Results: STaR providing research based strategies supporting centres to teach all our children.

Practical Teaching Strategies & Research Based Knowledge

What our centres found most valuable:

“The difference we get to make in these children’s and families’ lives, the opportunity to educate our families on the importance of inclusion, the growth, the smiles, the tears and the hugs. The positive feedback from the families of the role we have played too. A huge thank you to everyone.”

“Having workshops from STaR provides us with ideas and information on the best way to work with children to meet their objectives. We are able use these suggestions not only with children with additional needs but other children as well.”

“Professional development from STaR has given the staff the confidence to know what to do in terms of helping the development and education of children who may learn in a slightly different way.”

Results: Without this ongoing support, we would not be able to offer positions to as many children with additional needs that we currently do.

Ongoing Support and Collaborative Relationships

What STaR parents found most valuable:

“When you enrol in a STaR program, you are not only getting the best support for your child, but also for yourself. STaR team is like your family who comes up with ways and solutions on how you can help and support yourself and your child in all kinds of environments. Moreover, they help you in every step of the way in finding the right school for your child; complete with a school transition workshop explaining the process and an individualized program for your child before he/she starts school so the new school is up to date with what your child’s goals are. It’s amazing! We as a family, rely on STaR on any issues and advice related to disability that we face in our lives and we have yet to be disappointed.”

STaR Parent 2018 – 2019


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