Using Shared Book Reading to Develop Communication Skills of Children with Additional Needs

Early childhood educators regularly read books to children within the preschool setting. However, shared book reading as a strategy for developing communication skills of children with additional needs involves much more than simply reading a book. This course will provide evidence-based information about shared book reading and you will be guided through the process of planning and implementing a shared book reading session.

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This course is offered only to staff of preschools receiving support from STaR via the Sector Capacity Building Program component of the NSW DoE Disability and Inclusion Program. The preschool that you work for must be receiving support from STaR under this program in order for you to register for this course.

This face-to-face, interactive course presents the research-based practice of using shared book reading to facilitate communication development. You will be guided through the process of planning an effective shared book reading session for your own preschool setting. 

You will learn how shared book reading relates to the EYLF and to child outcomes from an Individual Learning Plan. An overview of levels of language and communication development will be presented using real life examples. Tips and strategies for how to implement shared book reading for children with a range of language and communication abilities will also be provided.

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